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Nordin Mat Top Diberkas Malam Tadi.


Sabtu Ogos 8, 2009: Suspek pakar bom Noordin diberkas, walaupun laporan awal sebut dia terbunuh dalam serangan polis

JAKARTA: Pakar bom paling dikehendaki Indonesia, Noordin Md. Top, yang turut dikaitkan dengan siri pengeboman di negara itu sejak 2002, telah diberkas lewat malam tadi. Malah laporan awal menyebut Noordin telah terbunuh dalam serbuan polis ke atas sebuah rumah di Temanggang, Jawa Tengah.

AP melaporkan, polis Indonesia telah membunuh dua suspek militan selepas menyerbu sebuah rumah di bandar itu malam tadi, selain menahan lima lagi suspek serta merampas bahan letupan dan sebiji bom kereta. Sepanjang malam tadi, media tempatan melaporkan, Noordin yang merupakan perancang dalam beberapa siri pengeboman di Indonesia bersembunyi di dalam rumah di mana bunyi tembakan dan letupan masih kedengaran selepas 10 jam polis mengepung kawasan rumah itu.

Noordin sebelum ini dikatakan turut mengaku bertanggungjawab ke atas kejadian letupan dua hotel milik warga Amerika Syarikat di sini bulan lalu, walaupun sebenaranya pengakuan itu masih belum dibuktikan asli dari Noordin.

Al-Jazeera: Jakarta hotel bomb suspect 'killed'

Indonesian police have shot dead a man in Central Java suspected to be the fugitive behind two hotel bombings in the capital last month, the Reuters news agency quoted a police source as saying.

Noordin Mohammed Top was thought be in a remote house, outside the village of Temanggung, targeted by authorities searching for those behind the bombing of two of Jakarta's luxury hotels.

Police said they were attempting to identify the body early on Saturday as the 17-hour siege continued into the morning. There has been no independent confirmation of the killing.

Step Vassen, Al Jazeera's correspondent in Jakarta, said: "According to our sources there, [Noordin] is still alive and still holding up in the house.

"It is still very unclear what is going on and there are many conflicting stories."

Smoke billowed out of holes in the roof of the rural house, and at least four explosions were heard as police moved in on the property.

Repeated gunfire was then heard as elite counter-terror police opened fire on the house on the outskirts of Beji village.

Bomb plot

Nanan Soekarna, the national police spokesman, said an elite police unit were engaged in a shootout with men inside the house.

Indonesia's TV One quoted an officer as saying the man who rented the house in question resembled Noordin.

Noordin is the Malaysian-born head of an Islamist splinter group with connections to Jemaah Islamiyah.

Also on Saturday, Indonesian police killed two suspected Islamic fighters and seized up to 500kg of bomb-making material after a raid on a house in Bekasi, near Jakarta, Soekarna said.

Our correspondent said: "Two bombs have been found, which, according to police sources, were going to be used to bomb the president's house not far from where they were found."

Separately, Soekarna said police had identified the two suicide bombers - a 19 year-old man and 28 year-old man - who carried out deadly attacks on the Jakarta hotels last month.

The July 17 attacks on the Marriott and Ritz-Carlton hotels killed nine people and wounded 53 others, including Indonesians and foreigners.

The bombings broke a four-year lull when there had been no major attacks.

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