Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Cipta Helikopter Dengan Barang Buangan

Chinese farmer builds a working wooden helicopter 


Ketika kita menghadapi masalah remaja yang merempit, melepak, seks bebas, meragut, dadah dan sebagainya, cuba pula diatasi dengan program PLKN, remaja di China yang juga merupakan seorang petani telah mencipta helikopter dari bahan buangan, enjin skuter 150 cc, kepingan papan dari pokok yang dipotong sendiri dan boleh terbang setinggi 2600 kaki pada kos $1600 dan dibuat dalam tempoh 3 bulan.

Chinese farmers probably have a knack for creating DIY flying machines. Wu Zhongyuan, a farmer from China’s Henan province has built himself a helicopter, using wood from an elm tree, a motorcycle engine and steel pipes. The 150cc engine powers the wooden blades, while the steel tubes provide structural rigidity. 

Wu has had no formal education in aviation or aeronautics, and says he built the helicopter relying on the Physics he learnt in middle school. He spent three months and nearly $1600 in creating the helicopter, which he claims can go as high as 800 meters. He won’t be able to fly it though, the Chinese government has stopped the flight for safety reasons.


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