Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Dilarang Bercium Di Tempat Awam Singapura, Di Malaysia?

Remaja ini bercium di tangga Sungai Wang Plaza? (gambar kanan, bukan gambar di atas)

KL 27 OKT 10
: Teranungkite Online melaporkan, Singapura negara bukan Islam telah ada tempat awam tidak dibenarkan pasangan kekasih bercumbu. Tak ada pula dengar NGO Hak Asasi Manusia membantah. Kenapa tak boleh dibuat di Malaysia ? PBT tampallah banyak-banyak papan tanda tak boleh bercumbu di tempat awam, ada berani ke macam Singapura ?

Tuesday October 26, 2010 No kissing or heavy petting in the mall, please

A SHOPPING mall in Singapore has put up notices barring couples from kissing and heavy petting in the rest area, Nanyang Siang Pau and Sin Chew Daily reported.

The dailies said the notices were placed on the second to fourth levels of the rest area in Mandarin Gallery, urging shoppers not to eat, sleep or engage in intimate acts.

The mall management took action following complaints from shop owners on shoppers occupying the sofa in the rest area for a long time and couples behaving intimately.

A salesperson for female apparel, who only wished to be known as Yap, said she once saw a girl sitting on her boyfriend’s lap and they started caressing one another in the eyes of the public.

“Some couples were also spotted kissing in public and such behaviour will tarnish the image of the mall selling branded goods,” she was quoted by Nanyang Siang Pau.

> Singaporean female sex guru Lee Hui Zhen was approached by some of her male clients for sexual services, reported Sin Chew Daily.

Lee, 33, was quoted as saying that some of her customers did not think she could be a sexologist without being involved in sexual intercourse with them.

“I have always stated clearly to my clients that there will be no touching and they do not have to be naked during consultation.

“However, there are still a number of clients asking for ‘special’ service,” she said.

> The daily also reported that a website providing “Rent a Friend” service has recently surfaced on the Internet.

The rental fees start from as low as RM29 per hour and net users could state their rental price after signing up as members. The fee is said to go as high as RM149.50 per hour.

The webside founder was quoted as saying the website was solely set up to provide the “Rent a Friend” service.

“It is not a channel to provide sexual service or online matchmaking,” the founder said.

Since the setting up of the website last year, 280,000 people had registered themselves on the waiting list to be ‘rented’ as friends, while 3,000 others are in the list of those willing to pay for an hour of friendship. (AK)


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