Saturday, July 25, 2009

Awas Webside Palsu, Duit Boleh Hilang Sekelip Mata.

Oleh : Zailina MahmudAlign Centre

TAK nampak perbezaannya, rite.. Memang sukar utk mencari perbezaannya. These ppl are very good at their job copying the original site.

The only difference is to refer to the address bar. The web address should refer to the bank’s address dan juga sila pastikan tanda icon kunci(mangga) ada pada site itu coz itu confirm that it is a secured site and not a fake site.

Sila berjaga jaga ya coz once they have ur id and password, penat-penat duit dan simpanan yg diusaha boleh hilang sekelip mata.

Blog Ibnu Hasyim hanya panjangkan.. (AK)

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