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Kursus Borong Di Cina.. Tahniah Shahabudeen Jalil

Interview dengan Nasi Lemak Kopi O (High Quality)

Keratan Akhbar The Star - Million-dollar dream chasers
Shahabudeen Jalil

Sunday February 14, 2010
Million-dollar dream chasers

PETALING JAYA: Ever since he was 19, Shahabudeen Jalil has always dreamt of becoming a millionaire. To achieve his goal, he has been dabbling in a business importing products from China for seven years now.

He also has his own business consultancy which trains entrepreneurs on the methods of sourcing for products from China.

Now 27, Shahabudeen conducts lectures on the subject all over the country and makes trips to China at least twice a month with his clients.

He has been in the consultancy business for two years and has trained over 800 clients.

For Shahabudeen, being a millionaire would mean financial freedom and the opportunity to improve his mental and spiritual self.
Dreaming big: Shahabudeen is one of many youths who are chasing the dream of becoming a millionaire.

It will also give him the opportunity to travel the world.

“I believe that to be successful, you should do something that you like,” he said.

He had taken up an engineering course but found it not to his liking. After completing his A-levels, he worked as a car salesman for a year.

He then started the business importing products from China.

He believes that working for someone would limit the income he could receive.

“In business, there is no limit to what you can earn although there are risks. You will also have to be patient,” he said.

But he is realistic about his chances of being a millionaire. “If someone tells you that you can get rich in two months, they are probably bluffing,” he said.

Shahabudeen, who is confident of achieving his goal by the age of 30, is just one of many youths who have the ambition of becoming a millionaire.

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